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With the success of the original Oristo which introduced the most precisely billet-machined 316L-grade stainless steel razor in four distinct finishes to the public, we set out to make a version of Oristo, best known for it's perfectly anchored blade, even more accessible.

Oristo Mi is still constructed of medical-grade 316L stainless steel, finished in a flat, industrial gunmetal finish with polished accents. What’s more? We’ve made the knurling on the handle more aggressive to ensure a comfortable yet slip-free grip.

Finally, each Oristo Mi ships with two end-pieces for the handle; a standard end, as well as a podium-base end. The podium-base end went through countless iterations because we wanted to make sure that it served it’s function of enabling a stable vertical stance when not in use, while not getting in the way of comfortable and natural shaving.

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